Outcomes may include improvement in:

  1. Public Speaking
    1. Organization of presentation
    2. Incorporating content related to data i.e. easily digested analogies
    3. Demeanor
    4. Ease of delivery with (and understanding) audience
    5. Timing
    6. Use of Presentation media/tools
  2. Business etiquette
    1. Customer service and public relations
  3. ​​Collaboration for Innovation
  4. Business English
    1. ESL
      1. Pronunciation
      2. Jargon
      3. Clarification/correction
  5. Citizenship/Civics
  6. Practical assistance to bridge communication gaps for relocated families of employees
  7. Improved writing and editing support

DM Corporate Coaching makes improving communication skills as convenient, comfortable, confidential, and practical as possible.  

We schedule appointments to accommodate your demanding schedule  at your location.  

We target clear and  measurable goals based on needs presented during intake, as well as ongoing assessments.  Our goals are always client driven.

Coaching is available for individuals and small groups.  Coaching for individuals is determined by the needs of the client and may take place for a full day or days or several hours per week, but it is typically available in 3 and 6 month increments which allow for weekly face to face meetings and other modes of communication, as well as refresher sessions.​  In short, we work to prepare you for when you need it most.

Weekly small group sessions are available and facilitated to meet the most prominent needs of the group.  

Team building workshops are customized to meet professional development goals in public speaking, customer service, and collaboration and target clear and measurable objectives through interactive, meaningful, and memorable activities.


The best and most telling speech is not the actual impromptu one, but the counterfeit of it ... that speech is most worth listening to which has been carefully prepared in private and tried on a plaster cast, or an empty chair, or any other appreciative object that will keep quiet, until the speaker has got his matter and his delivery limbered up so that they will seem impromptu to an audience.

- Speech in New York City, 31 March 1885

It is my custom to keep on talking until I get the audience cowed.

- Mark Twain, a Biography


Whether you're looking to improve your speaking, organization, or delivery style, develop analogy to connect to your listeners through story, improve employee and customer relations, or prepare for your future with civics, we can help.

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